Preparing your house for sale

You’ve made the decision to sell up – but how do you prepare your property to ensure photographs or filming give you the best chance of a quick sale? Our short guide will give you some tips on how to prep your interior and exterior to beat the competition.

Online searches

The majority of homebuyers begin their search online, scrolling through vast arrays of properties hoping to find something that catches their eye – quality photos will spark interest and prompt buyers to arrange a viewing.

At The Property Hub We want to ensure that your home immediately grabs a buyer’s attention and that they are drawn in by your photos – guaranteeing that all important first viewing. As part of our standard offering, a professional photographer is now available free of charge to take photos of all properties listed at The Property Hub. We know there is no comparison between a well-lit professional photograph and a poor quality one taken on your mobile phone. You’ve entrusted us with your property and we want to give you the best chance of a fast and efficient sale – it all begins with the first impression.

Our quick guide to preparing your home inside and out

Inside your home:

1. Empty or hide kitchen and bedroom bins

2. Declutter surfaces particularly in the kitchen and bathroom

3. Put toothbrushes, soaps and bottled products away in a cupboard

4. Remove or hide pet toys, beds and food bowls

5. Ensure all light bulbs are working in lamps & ceiling fixtures

6. Tidy away children’s toys from living areas

7. Ensure beds are neatly made

8. Prepare & light any working fires and stoves

9. A fresh bouquet of flowers will always add a beautiful final touch to any room.

Outside spaces:

1. Put away garden tools, hoses and empty plant pots

2. Remove weeds, dead plants and out of season hanging baskets

3. Move cars off of the driveway or from the front of the house

4. Tidy away any garden toys, balls and children’s games

5. Cut the grass if necessary

For more information on our photography service, contact Karren or Kate at The Property Hub on 01989 569400 or pop in for a chat and we can discuss your requirements. 

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