Tackling the Peaks for a Cause: A journey backed by The Property Hub

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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: amongst a team of 8 (Luke Firkin, Elliott Peeters-Vanstone, Jack Taylor, Will Freer, Harry Cronshaw, Conor Carey, Nathaniel Nash and Alex Line) one of our very own team members Luke will be participating in the awe-inspiring National Three Peaks Challenge on September 16th! This exceptional event involves climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England, and Wales, all within a 24-hour window:


🏴 Ben Nevis

🏴 Scafell Pike

🏴 Snowdon


The National Three Peaks Challenge: A 24-Hour Adventure Revealed

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to conquer the tallest peaks of Scotland, England, and Wales within a span of just 24 hours? Let me take you through the exhilarating journey that a group of adventurers will undertake as they challenge themselves in the famous National Three Peaks Challenge. Here’s a step-by-step rundown of their expedition.

5:00 pm: Ben Nevis, Scotland

Our group starts at the base of Ben Nevis, the majestic highest peak in the British Isles. As they commence their ascent, the sprawling vistas of the Scottish Highlands will be their backdrop. Given the start time, they’re anticipated to navigate portions of their descent under the cover of twilight, so head torches are essential.

9:00 pm: Base of Ben Nevis

After a strenuous climb, they’ll make their way back to the starting point by around 9 pm. This is their quick pit stop – a chance to hydrate, grab a bite, and perhaps change into dry attire.

10:00 pm: En route to Scafell Pike, England

Without much ado, they’ll then embark on a 6-hour drive to Scafell Pike. Those not behind the wheel will probably seize this opportunity for a much-needed rest or nap.

4:00 am: Scafell Pike

By the time most of the world is still in slumber, our team will begin their climb up Scafell Pike, aiming to conquer England’s highest point. If timed right, they might even be treated to a surreal sunrise at the summit. This leg is estimated to take them about 4 hours.

8:00 am: Journey to Snowdon, Wales

Descending from Scafell Pike, their adventure isn’t over yet. The group will set off on a 5-hour drive to Snowdon, the final peak in their challenge.

1:00 pm: Snowdon

The Welsh beauty, Snowdon, awaits them. As they ascend its paths, the panoramic sights of Snowdonia National Park promise to be a treat. Around 4 hours later, they’ll be wrapping up this leg of their journey.

5:00 pm: Challenge Complete

As the clock strikes 5, our adventurers are set to complete their descent from Snowdon. This marks the triumphant end of their intense, yet fulfilling, 24-hour Three Peaks Challenge. What an achievement!


Watching this group navigate the National Three Peaks Challenge is a testament to endurance, teamwork, and passion. Their journey isn’t just about reaching summits; it’s about embracing the beauty of the UK’s landscapes and the spirit of camaraderie. Let’s cheer them on!



The boys have undergone a rigorous training programme and are ready for the challenge of a lifetime.


The Motivation

The National Three Peaks Challenge is not just a test of physical and mental stamina; it’s a meaningful endeavour for a cause close to our hearts. Our employee, along with a team of seven others, has a deeply personal connection to the fight against cancer. Like so many of you, they too have been touched by this devastating illness, either through family, friends, or colleagues. This challenge serves as a way to combat that harsh reality by raising vital funds for Cancer Research.


Our Sponsorship and Support

At The Property Hub, we believe in contributing to our community and the greater good, which is why we’re proud sponsors of this expedition. The funds raised will go directly toward accelerating cancer research, bringing us closer to a world without this devastating disease.


A Ride to the Peaks

What’s more, we’re elated that Forest Coaches has generously provided a minibus for the team, ensuring the team can focus on the challenge ahead without worrying about logistics. A special thanks also goes to Dave Carey who will be behind the wheel!


How You Can Help

If you’d like to support our employee and their team in this venture, please consider donating to their cause:


👉 DONATE HERE: Fundraiser by Conor Carey : National 3 Peaks Challenge For Cancer Research (gofundme.com)


Every contribution counts, no matter how small. You can also follow their journey through live updates and be a part of something truly monumental HERE: @threepeaksforcancer • Instagram photos and videos

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